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At Incub8 Ventures, we work with you if you are an early stage Technology Startup. With our expertise, we can help you get a Head Start in your journey. To accelerate your growth, we offer the following facilities/services

Co-working space with all the comforts needed to be highly productive
Ready access to Freelancer Community
One Conference Hall (60 seats)
Two Meeting Rooms (20 seats)
Several Small Meeting Rooms (8 seats)
Gym sophisticated equipment, Trainer, Showers & Lockers
Coffee Shop / Snacks bar
Guest Rooms (3 Studio Apartments)
Executive Lounge
Ample space offering the right ambience for Meetups
Direct access to the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem
Support for Digital Marketing
Support for Market Testing / Idea Validation
Support for Pilot and Paying Customer Acquisition
Guide you to apply for the leading Accelerator Programs globally

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